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Claire is the founder of Ceremonia and founder and creative director of luxury planning firm Claire Duran Weddings & Events. Claire's work has two pillars, one of which is the creation of what she calls "wedding art" throughout her designs, and the other is providing the experience of a successfully planned and executed event. Her signature style could be defined as classic elegance full of movement and textures, and she's a firm believer of valuing quality over quantity. In just the past 5 years her work has been featured over 70 times in prestigious national and international blogs and magazines like Brides, Martha Stewart Weddings, Style Me Pretty, Wedding Sparrow, Magnolia Rouge and more. Claire is passionate about education and community, teaching her own workshops abroad about the Business Side of Wedding Planning, and having been a guest speaker at conferences like Intrigued Experience, FleurSociety Online Summit, Planner's Intensive, and Marketing Masters Symposium. Before turning into a full time wedding planner and designer, Claire used to work as a researcher, using her Doctorate in Public Policy in matters of governance and democracy in Latin America. 

The day to day of CEREMONIA is a collective effort of the team of planners behind Claire Duran Weddings & Events, under the guidance of the same parameters and standards that characterizes the main brand. The team will help assist our clients from beginning to end, covering the planning, design and management aspect of each event. With over 10 years of combined experience that include design, complex event production and organizational skills of high value, and an ample understanding of the industry, this amazing team is everything any couple needs for. 

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We get it. These are incredibly difficult times. And for so many engaged couples the idea of planning an event in the middle and aftermath of a pandemic is quite scary. But that’s no reason to let one of the most important days in your life be less special. Marriage is a beautiful act, and one that will always be worthy of celebration. Hence, the new launch of CEREMONIA.

As a sister company of luxury wedding planning firm, Claire Duran Weddings & Events, CEREMONIA’s objective is to provide wedding planning, design and management services at a more competitive investment. CEREMONIA is perfect for couples who seek to have thoughtful events, full of style, yet for which they want to be more discerning and conservative with their wedding finances. We believe that an event can be grand no matter its scale. From elopements and intimate weddings, to large celebrations, we’ll approach it the same way, being intentional with the service we provide you all the step of the way, centered in responsiveness, transparency and a strong commitment to our ethics and values. And you can bet we’ll make it look incredibly stylish too!

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CEREMONIA is an offering reserverd for hand-picked clients, who are looking for the Claire Duran Weddings & Events experience of our main brand, but have less intricate and demanding designs and logistics. We only accept 2-4 CEREMONIA clients each year, and reserve such slots for specific weddings we know we can execute at a high standard, while utilizing a more abbreviated approach in the planning and design processes; we guarantee the same top results and stellar client experience that clients in our main brand would receive.

This service is designed for couples who are planning their wedding on their own, but are looking for some guidance in specific points. Consulting hours are done exclusively in brackets of 3 hours at a time. 

$25,000 + TRAvel fees

$300 p/h



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Heidy & Joseph

Nevada, US


Michael & Young

Colorado, US


Michelle & Blake

England, UK


Juliett & Omar

La Romana, DR


Maneka & Gabe

Virginia, US


Cristina & Bryan

Miami, US


Soraya & Karim

Washington, DC


Heidy & Nasser

Santo Domingo, DR


Anna & Lamin

Maryland, US


Krystal & Yefri

Bayahibe, DR


Taylor & Ryan

Washington, DC

Claire, Maja, and the team were extremely accommodating and helpful throughout the entire wedding planning process. My husband and I have very demanding work schedules, and they were always willing to work around that. From the very first phone call with Claire, I felt so comfortable with her and trusted that she would take care of everything. The team listened to all of our ideas and helped me create a vision of our wedding that was so perfect. They are so organized and keep you on track with vendor deadlines. On the day of the wedding, Maja and the team were just amazing! Many of our guests came up to us to compliment how helpful they all were and to let us know what a beautiful job they had done. Maja kept us all on schedule, but didn't make us feel rushed at all. They handled EVERYTHING! I got so many stories the day after the wedding of hiccups with guests and the weather that happened that Maja and her team took care of without me even noticing! We didn't lift a finger! Every bride's dream! I am so happy that we found them randomly scrolling through Instagram very early on during the wedding planning. We cannot ever thank them enough for making all of our dreams come true and for planning, designing, and executing the most special day of our lives. THANK YOU Claire, Maja, and Team for everything! We love you guys!
-Krystal, Bride

Claire and Team were the reason why so many of my guests told me how calm I seemed! Everything ran smoothly, any hiccups were addressed without my knowing and we even ran ahead of schedule. They were attentive and professional throughout the entire night, and even helped fix my hair after an hour on the dance floor for the exit pictures. Claire and Liz are incredibly responsive in the months leading up to the wedding, and answer any questions thoroughly and quickly.
- Taylor, Bride

I truly cannot begin to imagine my wedding day, or the weeks leading up to my wedding, without Claire and her team. With the two of them, not a SINGLE detail of my wedding day went overlooked. I took comfort in the fact that I was able to truly just relax and enjoy the weeks leading up to our special day, because they were taking that pressure off of us.
- Bailey, Bride

Claire has a rock star team! From the very beginning they put me to ease with their responsiveness and flexibility around what I needed. They offered so much wonderful advice along the way and helped the actually wedding day run smoothly. They coordinated with all my vendors to ensure they arrived on time, kept us right on schedule, and always made sure my family and bridal party and I had everything we needed. Highly recommend Claire!
- Grace, Bride

When it came to planning, Claire and her team at CEREMONIA were open to all my ideas, last minute changes, and on getting more information for me on something if I requested it. They never made me feel like any request was too much - they did offer their opinion, but they always made me feel like I had the final say in what I wanted and when it comes to wedding planning, there’s no better way to go than with a team who truly wants what will make you happy. I would not have felt as confident in my day if I was pressured to go one way or another. They were even open with me possibly going a different route if I did not want to work with one of their recommended vendors -which, their recommended vendors provide the best quality of work (her florist and photographer are the best) and are great people to have been around on our wedding day... Our wedding day was perfect to us and Claire quickly helped out in any way she could and she was truly a reassuring force to everyone with her friendly demeanor and giving a helping hand to anyone who needed it....I am so happy I got to work with them as they have done nothing but be kind to me during my moments of worry with planning a wedding during a pandemic. It was an intimate affair, and classy, and perfect to us -and we know that’s because of choosing CEREMONIA for our planning needs!
- Emma, Bride

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